Magic links

This will help some people when writing instructions.

If you are writing instruction sets, whenever you reference a feature of the Kalaam site builder, you should offer a link to that page in the MLSP.

Each language site has a different URL for the Upload and Name Files page, so we created a feature to help us create one "magic" link that will work for any client.

Here's how to make a magic link:

The normal link to Upload and name files on the gtc language site has the word language and the number 45 in it, which is the internal number for that language site:

If you are writing an instruction set for the help site, you can make that link "magic" by deleting this part "/45" and changing "language" to "my language"

If a Web Content Keeper (WCK) has access to only one language site, clicking a magic link will take him to the exact page on his site. If a WCK has access to several language sites, clicking a magic link will show him a list of his languages. Clicking one of those languages will take him to the right page on that language.

I only use magic links in my instruction sets, but if you want to in your everyday emails to clients, you could save a list of magic links to the pages you link to most often and copy and past them into your emails.

I recommend making your links look like this one Add or edit pages instead of showing them the whole URL like this:

Using pretty links will help them recognize the right button in our interface when they need to find that page inside the site builder later. (you can create pretty links in word, notepad or outlook)