Temporary unpublish a language

Sometimes there is a need to "remove" a language from your website temporary.
(e.g. you want to publish your website but your pages are not completed in the third navigation language you have defined)

The good news about that is:
You do not need to delete the contents in this language to make them disappear from your website.

And here is how to do it:
1. You navigate to the "Add or edit pages" section

Img.1: in this example we want to make the language "Wamba Wuna" to disappear

Img.2: here you see the unwanted language "Wamba Wuna" in the language switcher

2. You open all pages in tha langauge in edit mode.
(You can keep the "Ctrl"-key pressed and open every page in a new browser tab)

There you scroll to the bottom and uncheck the "Published"-Checkbox

Img.3: the checkbox to unpublish a page translation

3. When you did that for all pages return to your "Add or edit pages" section.
There you'll find that all links to the langauge have turned into an italic writing.
This shows you directly that these pages are unpublished.

Img.4: unpublished translation in italic

4. When you did that consequently for all pages in the particular language
the "Language Switcher" will never show this language on your website.

Img.5: "Wamba Wuna" has disappeared from Language Switcher

To publish this language again you do the same steps the other way round.